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Its the first football sunday of the season so guess what I'm doing all day....hanging out in the bedroom watching the little TV and being rather bored. I havent left the house all day.

Trailers are weird I dont know how in the summer, when the temperature goes down outside, the temperature goes up inside despite all the windows being open. I dont know the trailer can maintain a 20 degree difference between inside and out. I dont know how....in the winter when the temperature is going up outside the temperature doesnt go up inside. I think this is the result of bad insulation. Or, the lack thereof.

I am NOT looking forward to winter. It makes me wish more and more I lived in a area where there was minimal to no snow. Snow is what bothers me the most. Cold weather does suck but its easier to deal with than the snow. Particularly because I have a 20 mile drive to work on a windy, hilly road and last year it was horrible with my bald tires. I have to get tires before winter comes and I dont look forward to dropping about 500$ in new tires. Other than the way my car handles in the winter I really have no complaints about it.

Our doc at work had hip surgery last Wednesday and he'll be back on Tuesday doing office hours. 6 days post op. Hes one tough dude. Hes had a couple of trigger fingers worked on and he goes back to work right after the surgery. I could never do that thats for sure.

Well I guess thats enough for now.

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