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My lovely dog threw up in her cage 3 times at 4:30 this morning so I had to switch out her blankets and then she started to whine a lot so I put her outside for a minute and when she came back in she finally fell back asleep. I dreamed all night about doing blood transfusions at work. Probably because the doc insists on doing a blood transfusion on a dog with a hamangiosarcoma and we have no equipment to do a transfusion so he had us order a bag of sodium citrate and then erin said we needed the filter line so we ordered that then when we went to do it yesterday we realized we didnt have a collection jar so we emptied a bottle of ringers and used that....then he had me sedate a town dog and he stabbed it in the jugular like a hundred times and a gigantic bloody mess and we got like 300cc of blood and then i cleaned up the dog and did a heartworm/lyme test and wouldnt ya know it the damn dog had lyme disease. Then the doc is all like....give it the blood anyways it wont hurt it any....and we were all like 'is he serious?' and then he called his daughter (who is also a vet) and she told him not to so all of a sudden like he a conscious of his own he said he couldnt do it, it would be bad medicine. No shit. So the only other town dog we have is a severely obese one which probably has several problems and I imagine it wont be easy to hit a jugular on an enormous dog. And hes not doing any other blood work on the dogs other than a heartworm lyme test which is retarded. The whole reason we're giving this dog a transfusion is because its severely anemic....yet what if the other dog is too??? Would be rather pointless. I just dont understand....the woman who owns the dog just lost her own mother to cancer last week and now her dog has cancer and the doc wants to jump through hoops for her yet is risking the dogs life even more by half-assing everything. And we just had another case of hemangiosarcoma in one of our other long-term clients and he sent them to Cornell. It annoys me to work somewhere where things are done half assed and we're doing ghetto blood transfusions.

So anyways, on Sunday my parents came over for a couple hours then we brought Gracie over to Andys mom and let run wild for an hour or so and then his sister brought their choc lab puppy over and they romped and played for a little while. Then we got home Gracie ate dinner, went outside and slept on her cushion for the evening and at 8:30 she was begging to go to her kennel to go to bed. She was one tired dog.

The weathers been pretty decent. Thats nice.....so sick of snow.

Anyways, i guess I'm gonna quit the rambling for now.

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