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I have some pet peeves to share with you....essentially these things are what 'grind my gears'...

1. people who wear pajamas in public. I give very LITTLE leeway to college kids, who live in campus and are too lazy to get out of bed and at least throw some jeans on, or, comfy pants that dont have plaid print or obvious characters on them. But since thats apparently the lifestyle i'll forgive that a little bit. What really gets me is anyone, especially adults who were pajamas at like wal-mart, or the grocery store or anywhere. Thats just insanely lazy and it makes them look like a slob. Even some of the most attractive people with great hygiene will come off as an unkempt slob to me if they were pajamas in public.

2. People who spell simple words wrong. not typos, but use the wrong spelling of words. Like there, they're and their. or just simply make words spell out to sound the way they sound but are way the heck off. I'm not an all-star speller but somethings just drive me nuts. It seems like some people are pulling words out of the air and not bothering to learn to how to spell basic vocabulary right. And i'm sorry to those who have a hard time with this.

3. The lady (and every other animal owner who is like this)- whos dog was scheduled for surgery yesterday but refused to leave the dog with us and refused to let us put her in a cage. So where do you propose we put the dog while shes waking up from anesthesia? The dog woke up and started staggering around the surgery room...shes more likely to injure herself staggering around banging into things and to distract us while we're continuing other surgeries. its not safe, and its retarded. Why are these people so anal about putting their dog in a cage? Dogs are den animals. Its ok, trust me. and I think its ignorant to expect us to waste our time baby sitting your dog outside of the cage when we could be going on with our business letting her wake up in her cage. In the end, I put in her in a cage and I dont care if 'mommy' liked it or not.

4.People who call for appointments and want to get in for vaccines and other routine things within a couple of hours. I hate the phrase 'you cant get me in today?' in a snotty tone. Also the people who have actually called expecting to get a surgery appointment THAT day or within the next couple days. Life doesnt work that way.

And, for now, thats all i can come up with.

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