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Oct. 12th, 2009


1.Dean Koontz "Odd Thomas"
2.Dean Koontz "Forever Odd"
3.Kim Edwards "Memory Keepers Daughter" started but couldnt realy get into it...
4.Barbara Delinsky "Family Tree"
5.Dean Koontz "Brother Odd"
6.Lisa Unger "Beautiful Lies" started...wasnt really able to get into it....
7.James Patterson "Beach Road"   Started....
8.Nelson DeMille "Night Fall"
9.Nelson DeMille "Wild Fire"
10. David Baldacci "Simple Genius" started
11. Stephen King "Lisey's Story" started

12. John Grogan "Marley and Me"
13. Danielle Steel "Amazing Grace"
14. Dean Koontz "The Darkest Night of the year"
15. Dean Koontz "The Husband"
16. Robin Cook "Critical" started......
17. John Saul "Perfect Nightmare"
18. Nicholas Sparks "At First Sight"
19.Harlen Coben "Hold Tight"
20.Dr. Nick Trout "Tell Me Where It Hurts"
21. James Patterson "Sundays at Tiffanys"
22. Dean Koontz "The Good Guy"
23. James Patterson "Beach Road"  finally finished
24. Sandra Brown "Play Dirty"
25. Barbara Delinsky "The Secret Between Us"
26. Dean Koontz "Odd Hours"
27. Alice Sebold "Lovely Bones" 
28. John Saul "Faces of Fear"
29. Stephenie Meyer "Twilight"
30. Stephenie Meyer "New Moon"


31. Stephenie Meyer "Eclipse"
32. Stephenie Meyer "Breaking Dawn"
33. "Star Wars Trilogy"   ----- Andy bought and is 'making' me read it because I have never seen the movies.
34. Barbara Delinsky "While My Sister Sleeps"
35. James Patterson "Sail"
36. David Benoiff "City Of Theives"
37. Dean Koontz "Relentless"
38. Sandra Brown "Smoke Screen"

I havent done very good in 2009 for reading! I'll blame it on the wedding. I've started a lot of book but couldnt get into them....I need more good books. Thinking of joining double day bookclub. 6 books for 99 cents! I've made my commitment to the Literary Guild and they kinda piss me off with their automatic shipments if you dont reply within a certain amount of time, which is why I have a bunch of books I cant get interested in.

I'm proud of myself, yesterday I made homemade meatballs and spaghetti, and it was all really good. Go me! I can bake, but I dont know much about cooking so I'm proud of myself for making a nice dinner last night.

Well, its Columbus Day and I have to work! So I gotta leave now :(

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