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Books I've read in 2007 (and maybe late 2006), that I can remember, generally in order:

1.Dean Koontz "Odd Thomas"
2.Dean Koontz "Forever Odd"
3.Kim Edwards "Memory Keepers Daughter" started but couldnt realy get into it...
4.Barbara Delinsky "Family Tree"
5.Dean Koontz "Brother Odd"
6.Lisa Unger "Beautiful Lies" started...wasnt really able to get into it....
7.James Patterson "Beach Road" started...havent quite gone back
8.Nelson DeMille "Night Fall"
9.Nelson DeMille "Wild Fire"
10. David Baldacci "Simple Genius" started
11. Stephen King "Lisey's Story" started

12. John Grogan "Marley and Me" -very good. Made me laugh a lot, and cry a lot
13. Danielle Steel "Amazing Grace"
14. Dean Koontz "The Darkest Night of the year"
15. Dean Koontz "The Husband" -finished 3/20/08
16. Robin Cook "Critical" starting....if its interesting enough. (I really cant get through this book, I've given up for now)
17. John Saul "Perfect Nightmare" VERY good book, i read it in 7 days
18. Nicholas Sparks "At First Sight" Really good despite the fact I didnt think I would like Nicholas Sparks
19.Harlen Coben "Hold Tight"
20.Dr. Nick Trout "Tell Me Where It Hurts"
21. James Patterson "Sundays at Tiffanys"
22. Dean Koontz "The Good Guy"
23. James Patterson "Beach Road"
24. Sandra Brown "Play Dirty"
25. Barbara Delinsky "The Secret Between Us"
26. Dean Koontz "Odd Hours"
27. Alice Sebold "Lovely Bones" am now currently reading. 

I also have the following waiting for me:
    John Saul "faces of fear"
    Danielle Steel "Honor Thyself"
    Jesse Kellerman "The Genuis"

I LOVE the book club thing I'm in. They keep having these deals where I can buy one get one free and all the books are generally 13$ or less. When I was in Barnes and Nobles yesterday I saw a James Patterson book i was interested and when I looked at the price it was 25$. Geez.


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