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First of all, its hot. Even with the air conditioner on in here its 82 in the living room.

Second of all....i dont know...

I have a headache and its making me drowsy. My dog is a silly beast and she seems to be going through an agressive chewing stage. Shes destroyed all her toys and shes made it so we cant get her 1. anything squeaky and 2. anything with stuffing or stuff she can rip. She loves to rip apart things and and pull the stuffing out. She has also got an array of tree branches spread across the back yard because she loves to chew the small branches off the trees.

Today we removed a 9 pound spleen tumor from an 11 year old golden retriever. I am honestly suprised it lived. We removed spleen and all. And I got to glove up and hold on to the football sized tumor while he clamed it off veins and ligated them. It was semi interesting. Then I got to do the skin sutures. He lets me do the skin sutures on big incisions now.

I got a subscription to SELF magazine. I'm really trying to find ways to be active and lose weight and eat better. We are also really interested in getting kayaks but theyre like 500 each, plus accessories and needed things. I would LOVE to go kayaking. We also want to get cross country skis for the winter, but again, costs money. I really wish my Bowflex would fit in here. The ceilings are too low so you cant put the top part on which sucks.

I want to get a kiddy pool for the dog, one of the hard plastic ones. Wal Mart only had inflatable. Shes so cute when you give her a full dish of water. She dunks her paws in it and then smashes her face into it and pulls her head up with water running off her nose. I think it would be fun to watch her play in a little pool.

Well, my head hurts and I just want to go to bed....


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